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PFF Certification Programs

*** PFF Certification Programs are a proFlyFishers Not-for-Profit Exclusive ***



proFlyFishers has developed the first and only comprehensive Certification Program Syllabi ever offered for the Fly Fishing industry. Nothing else even comes close. Some Companies provide aspiring pro’s with an “endorsement” if they can afford a sizable purchase of an Equipment Line, or merely accept employment with an endorsed Retail or Guide operation. One program awards fly casters with an “Instructor Certificate” if they “pay a fee” and can demonstrate their casting prowess. Also, numerous “for profit” Guide Schools have recently evolved. Although these well-intended programs may be beneficial efforts—they simply do not provide the serious certification criteria, objectivity, and level of qualifications required of other sporting professionals.

For nearly half a century – professions such as Skiing--PSIA, Golf--PGA, Scuba Diving--PADI, Tennis--PTR, Boating--USCG, Martial Arts--IPMAA, Aviation--FAA, etc. have demanded rigorous Licensing or Certification requirements. Professional Credentials are an absolute mandate in these venues, and often require years of both Academic & Experiential requisites in order to receive “pay for instruction or participation”. It is both alarming and inexcusable that the Fly Fishing Industry is 50 or more years “behind-the-times”.

Since Fly Fishing is an extremely challenging and revered avocation, PFF Certification Candidates also need the desire to excel in dignity, knowledge, and professional stature. For us at proFlyFishers, and PFF Guides & Instructors … we are incredibly fortunate to have such an opportunity, and we take this challenge most seriously. Certification is not just a compliment to ourselves and our vocation … it is the measure of our commitment and assurance of a “quality experience” for the fly fishing public.

PFF Certification Programs are comprehensive and demanding – both for the Candidates and the Examiners. If we are to effectively image ourselves and lend credence to our Profession, then we must subscribe to the expectations of clients who seek out competent service providers. Although proficiency standards vary for different disciplines – the Fly Fishing Industry is routinely chastised for “poor performance”. Fortunately however, those who make the commitment can obtain the rewards of Professionalism and commensurate Remuneration. Therefore, we should be willing to question conventions and even challenge some of our own presumptions … if we are to become recognized and respected for excellence.

Catch the most difficult Trophy Trout – travel to the world’s great Fly Fishing Destinations – enjoy the Camaraderie and Respect of diverse clientele Demographics – become an outstanding Fly Fishing & Business Professional – acquire the Skills, then Earn the Rewards, and even Learn Techniques that many Celebrity Fly Fishers have yet to discover.

L. David Grooms - PFF                 C. Michael Paterniti - PFF



Will you Benefit?  
PFF’s GUIDE &  INSTRUCTOR  CERTIFICATION Program is a relatively straight-forward tutorial & examination process … providing you have the desire to excel in the Fly Fishing Profession.  Since our Candidates usually already have considerable skills and are often accomplished Fly Fishing Professionals, we at PFF know that we can not only enhance your talents with our proven methods … but we will introduce concepts and technical information that ensure even greater success!  No matter who you are!  


What do we know about Fly Fishing & Fly Casting?

Any presumption that proFlyFishers Examiners and Master Instructors pretend to

know everything about Fly Fishing would of course be ludicrous.  We do have a

tremendous advantage, in that our full time job is one of “learning from” the techniques and wisdom of countless others.  However, the PFF method of Fly Casting Instruction is revolutionary – and many of our Programs, Clinics, and Techniques are PFF proprietary development exclusives.  It is this “exposure and insight” that allows us to bring the Certification Process into reality.


How long is the Level I Certification Program?

PFF Guide and the Instructor Programs usually require 5 to 7 days to complete … depending on experience, interactive involvement, and other variables.  Multiple sessions can be arranged for those with time or budget constraints. The more resources and enthusiasm that PFF Candidates bring – the greater the challenges and depth of the curriculum.


When & Where are the Schools held?

proFlyFishers attempts to schedule Certification Programs at the convenience of  

Candidates and their respective Businesses.  Naturally, this is probably during your seasonal “slow times”.  Due to our location near the San Juan River in New Mexico, we have access to one of the world’s few year-around famous Trout Tail-waters. The Winter micro-climate on the San Juan is often enjoying sunshine and Fly Hatches, while most of America’s Trout waters have Ice Jams.  Also, the Animas River in Durango, Colorado (our Rocky Mountain Home-Base) is one of America’s seldom publicized, but exceptional Trophy Trout Freestone waters.  Our PFF Eastern Operation offers some of the most outstanding Trout & Steelhead waters in the Pennsylvania and New York area. 

     Or … we can schedule coming to your Town and your Fly Water – no problem.


What does it Cost to attend and become Certified?

Because PFF Certification Programs are operated as a Not-for-Profit benefit to the Fly Fishing Industry, the costs for Attendance and Examination only cover PFF hard costs and expenses. Factors that influence our costs are location, experience, and number of Candidates. Unlike some Guide Schools that charge a “few Thousand” or more – PFF Program costs are kept to a minimum.


How do you obtain a Curriculum Format and Syllabi Outline?

To request the complete Certification Program Schedule and Syllabi summary

 … simply  (click here) Please specify “Certification”.


For PFF Lodge, Outfitter, School, or Fly Shop Endorsement Program consideration …

click on (PFF Endorsement Program).

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