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LDG -  PFF - Animas River Cutthroat on 0-wt


CMP - PFF - San Juan River Rainbow on 1-wt



"Who we Are"

proFlyFishers  is a Durango, Colorado based enterprise that is dedicated to providing the highest standards in the Fly Fishing industry.   proFlyFishers’ has extensive experience in the operation of Fly Fishing Schools, Guiding, and teaching Advanced Techniques to veteran fly fishers and pro’s.  Staff credentials also include Federation of Fly Fishers’ Instructor Certification, Joan Wulff Instructor School, Orvis Endorsement, and Kinzua Fly Fishing School with Joe Humphreys. 


PFF principals have enjoyed the advantage of “Demo-fishing” the newest high-tech rods and reels such as Sage, Orvis, Water Works, Lamson, Thomas & Thomas and Royal Wulff products.  During our 2001-2 “Ultra-Lite” Tour, our mission was to introduce these amazingly efficient super light 0-1-2 weight fly rods to guides and fly shop owners, and of course educate trophy trout on their home waters.  As a result of “fishing with the pro’s” on numerous top rivers in America, and targeting only large challenging fish—we were quick to realize that we, in fact, were the ones that were getting educated.


 Hundreds of big, smart, trophy trout taught us a “thing or two”. This tutorial introduction of controversial new generation light-weight technology forced us to answer a lot of tough questions from countless pro’s … and we likewise gained tremendous insights by getting answers to our own questions.


proFlyFishers is pioneering the “world of fly fishing” into an extremely sophisticated new era.  New technology has profoundly antiquated traditional equipment.  The impact of stream pressure has also resulted in a new generation of smart trout who have seen just about everything!


"Why we are Driven"


Fly Fishing is a delicate interaction with the natural world.  It  inspires our sensitivity, humility, and appreciation …while presenting the challenge and fulfillment of achievement.   


Fortunately, those of us who represent  proFlyFishers, have become “leading edge” in the appreciation for, and the development of proprietary new instructional methodologies. Our programs teach practical fundamentals that enable fly fishers to enjoy a far more rewarding experience.  However, catching a trout is merely a bonus to the privilege of being consumed in the riparian beauty of some of the world’s most pristine ecosystems.


The growth and development of the fly fishing industry has been    substantially inhibited due to presumption and tradition.  PFF has recognized and mandated the need for change.


“Technique & Technology” is now “State of the Art” … but most fly fishers have not been given the opportunity to enter this exciting new dimension.  Through our PFF Instructor Certification, Guide / Outfitter Endorsement programs, Lodge Endorsement, and PFF Schools & Clinics … we can now offer any fly fisher the “highest quality” of instruction and adventure.




Fly Fishing is truly about the rational use or our natural resources—preservation of our environment—appreciation of our flora and fauna—the riverine places of sanctuary for our own souls—and the latitude of intense focus, or just relaxation. 


proFlyFishers enthusiastically invites you to share our

“passion and pursuit”.


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