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Mission   Statement


Club proFlyFishers is about the opportunity to participate in more rewarding and more affordable Fly Fishing Adventures.  In this generation of expensive Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure time Service Providers—it seems that only organizations who represent a serious audience get much attention! 


As with all Service oriented industries, when individuals make Fly Fishing booking commitments … they may not know what they’re getting, and may be without recourse. Remember that our Providers will usually be Club proFlyFishers  members also.  It is unthinkable that we would accept less than the best for ourselves.


Those who have no budget constraints, can afford the profit margins and prestige of high-profile Booking Agencies.  For the rest of us however, letting Club proFlyFishers negotiate

great experiences for the lowest price—makes sense.


There are No Annual Membership Dues, No Meetings, No Newsletters, No published Member Lists, No Politics, No Commitments, No Administrative Responsibilities, and No Red Tape.  And, becoming a member couldn’t be more simple—your first trip or activity is all it takes.


By combining our mutual Clientele— proFlyFishers Professional Guides, Instructors, & Outfitters; Members of other Fly Fishing Clubs & Organizations; Corporate & other Groups; and participating Fly Fishing Industry staff … we can offer Fly Fishing experiences second to none.  Because we were already in the Business of Endorsement & Certification, Trip Packaging, Beginner to Advanced Instruction, and Promotion for Fly Fishing Professionals … it became quite obvious that we Fly Fishers could all benefit from “power in numbers”.  By combining this influence with creative solutions, and a commitment to excellence … we also  realized that this could be the key to the Fly Fishing Adventures of our dreams.


Every Fly Fisher we know, including ourselves, no doubt has numerous exciting Fly-Water Destination Fantasies.  With Club proFlyFishers, we hope they all can become Realities!  



The  Benefits

We Negotiate Completely Packaged Trips at the best possible prices. 

Club proFlyFishers’  member Service Providers know that they will get future

business—providing we are ensured a quality experience at an attractive cost. And by creative “direct packaging” of Fly Fishing Travel Adventures, we can break the price barrier.

 “Click on” (Packaged Trips) for up-dates on current Destinations.


Enhance our skills with All levels of Fly Fishing Instruction and On-the-Water Workshops .

proFlyFishers has developed the most effective Fly Casting Instructional Syllabi and the most comprehensive Series of Advanced Fly Fishing Clinics & Workshops imaginable.  Learn the basics as a beginner, or become as technically proficient as you desire. 

 “Click on” (Schools)  or  (Advanced Clinics)  for details.


“Ultimate Adventures” is a fitting term … for our Out-Back Expeditions  

… most of which have never been commercially promoted.  By “thinking-out-of-the-box”,  

and having “connections & inside information” through our Endorsed Outfitters and Members, we have access to Fly Fishing Destinations extraordinaire! 

 “Click on” Club proFlyFishers  (“Members only” – Ultimate Fly Fishing Adventures)


Record & View our memories in on-line Trip Photo Journals.  Share your exhilarating

Fly Fishing Moments with friends—anywhere, anytime—through your own “private access” Photo Gallery on  www . proFlyFishers . com .  Digital Image Wall-paper of your Adventures can be available for your Desk-Top.  Digital Editing and production of  High Resolution Photo Quality Prints is also an advantage of having our own in-house Color Printers and Software.  To View samples of actual Trips, “click on” (PFF  Photo Journals)


Participate with  proFlyFishers  Certified Guides & Instructors, and Endorsed Lodges & Outfitters. 

By joining-ranks as fellow Club Members, we are able to structure Fly Fishing outings that are simply

 unavailable through most Guide & Outfitter services.


Obtain “Sate of the Art” Fly Fishing Equipment at the most attractive pricing structure.

We are currently pursuing the development of our own proFlyFishers product line … to include Fly Rods in Line Weights 0 through 3 with matched Larger Arbor Reels, Lanyards, complete custom-tied Fly Kits for specific waters, canoe style Nets, and misc. hard-to-find Tack items.  Naturally, these products will be highly discounted for Club proFlyFishers Members.


Private Water - Special Access – Trophy Trout & Steelhead  --  are some of Fly Fishing’s

most appealing choices.  The opportunity to make presentations to Trout that seldom-if-ever see artificials is a dream of most Fly Fishers.  And, we all fantasize about connecting with a Trophy class Salmon, Trout, Steelhead, or many Warm-water or Salt-water species.  Club proFlyFishers  will search out exclusive-access fly fisheries at every opportunity.


Proprietary Fly PatternsMembers will have exclusive On-Line access to “Bug Photos” and their entomological replicas … complete with tying instructions or purchase options.  We are constantly surprised by the need for Fly designs that suggest or replicate certain Life-Cycles.  As a result of periodic pumping or stream sampling, we will post photos for specific water.



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