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Advanced Clinics

PFF ADVANCED CLINICS are guaranteed to enhance any Fly Fisher’s skills. Our Master Certified Instructors teach the pro’s … and we obviously learn an incredible array of  “tricks and techniques” from these experts.  When we combine these skills into our clinics, serious fly fishers gain lifetimes of professional advantage! We routinely watch veteran fly fishers take 10 to 14 inch trout while casting over Trophy Trout. Ironically they say … “There are no big fish in the river anymore”—precisely the reason for PFF Advanced Clinics.

PFF Master Instructor Mike Paterniti … demonstrates a 70 ft. “DG triple haul” cast with an Ultra-Lite 1-Wt. rod.



Outwitting big Trout with skilled Presentations and making the hook-up, is no doubt one of the biggest  "adrenaline rushes" in Fly Fishing.  Many big fish have seen it all—so they think.  Ideally, this Clinic should be experienced on both Tail-water / Spring Creeks and on Freestone Rivers.  Both require different techniques that task the best of all fly fishing skills.  Amazingly, far more Trophy Bull Elk are taken by Archery Hunters annually, than Trophy-Class Trout are released by Fly Fishers.  By PFF standards, this is truly one the most exhilarating  of "Big Game" Adventures.

"I became a believer, when I saw my PFF Examiner target a 22 inch Rainbow and get the take on the first presentation … in the same water where I had just made numerous casts with the identical fly!" 

Dustin Wyrum – Professional FF Guide



 Many Fly Fishers offer Dry-Flies to Trout for most of their fly fishing lifetimes, without being sufficiently aware of the incredible dimension of it all.  This extremely comprehensive PFF Clinic examines approximately 350 different elements required to make highly effective Presentations as a Dry Fly Fisher.   Learn techniques that can fool any Trout on any water—anywhere!   Even learn to dupe the smartest grad-school Trout that are sipping bugs off mirror-slick-surfaces … sending most Fly Fishers home with "their tail between their legs".   PFF has consolidated numerous methods and considerations as authored and taught by many of the world's most widely published and respected Fly Fishers … plus, we have developed an extensive repertoire of our own Dry-Fly strategies.

"Fish were rising everywhere … but I had not had a hook-up for way too long!  My fishing partner was with a PFF Master Instructor, who noticed my frustration and offered his assistance.  In a few minutes … he taught me how to make an off-to-the-side Loop Cast, why it would facilitate an easy but precisely accurate Presentation, and set up a near fool-proof drift for that particular situation. 

I caught more Trout during the next hour than I had in two days."

Devin Brockman – an even more Experienced Fly Fisher    



 Practically every year,  the World Fly Fishing Championships are won by non-Americans.  The Polish Team … using their own Nymphing Method, seem to consistently take more than their share of titles.  For some reason, most American Fly Fishers seem to be programmed in our "one-gig-fits-all" approach to rigging  and presenting Nymphs.  PFF has spent many years examining, developing, and testing various wet-rig solutions that resolve technical challenges when the traditional offerings don't work.  Innumerable variables of hydraulics, entomology, Trout behavior, presentation difficulties,

and rigging alternatives … logically suggest that the Techniques should fit the Circumstances.


"I witnessed a demonstration, where my PFF Master Instructor connected with a Salmon on pretty much every-other cast.  Once he explained the reasoning behind the rigging system, where to make the presentation, how to execute the PFF "Castle Crusher" Fly Cast, and how to properly control the Drift … my next few hours turned into one of my most exceptional Fly Fishing experiences.  The spectacular photos in my office are absolute proof that PFF techniques can be the critical difference."

Dustin Wyrum – Owner - Rise n Fly Guide Service



 Every Advanced Fly Cast is designed to provide a unique solution to a specific problem—which presents different or complex Fly Presentation challenges!

 Thousands of Instructors,  make traditional Overhead and False Cast Presentations … unless they are doing the "Drift and Lob" with a Nymph rig.  They catch a lot of fish and they teach this Cast to the vast majority of their Fly Fisher / Fly Caster students.  However, Fly Fishers often catch small to middle size fish by making repetitive Overhead Casts … but only when a cast gets lucky, and just happens to result in a believable offering to fish that haven't already been "put-down". 

Perhaps, far too many Fly Fishers assume that Fly Fishing is merely a "chance-sport" with a significant "luck" factor.  Consequently, most smarter Trout essentially have almost "no worries". 

   A prominent Fly Fishing Media Personality once stated … "I can catch almost any feeding Trout in 3 Casts!"  We at PFF also tell Fly Fishers that we should be able to hook-up practically any sight-fished Trout that will make a mistake by eating something.  For many highly committed Fly Fishers, it is completely about catching fish on purpose … rather than by accident.

The Fly must be delivered to a precise location, in a strategic method that does not alert the fish, and with a line-leader-fly configuration that eliminates our biggest obstacle—drag and multidirectional micro-drag.  Clearly, the type and execution of the Fly Cast is critical !

Except for Saltwater, Stillwater, or Streamer Presentations … the basic Overhead and False Cast is often completely ineffective.  In our PFF Programs, we identify numerous problems associated with using this Fly Cast for most Dry-Fly or Nymph Presentations on moving water.  When we discuss the various Advanced Casts and their utility … they sound difficult … maybe in part because we call them "Advanced",  but most likely since they are simply different. 

 With a good understanding of basic Fly Casting Physics—most of the following Fly Casts and Line Manipulations are relatively easy to learn:  Pick-up and Lay Down – Overhead & False Casting – Accuracy Casts – Shooting Line – Horizontal Casts – Right, Left, & Overhead Loop Casts – Distance & Tournament Casting – Water Loaded Casts – various Curve & Compound Curve Casts – Water & Aerial Mending – Wind Casting – Basic Roll – Stack Roll – Dynamic Roll – Wiggle – Puddle aka Pile – Parachute –  Perpendicular – Tuck – Reverse – Single & Double Spey & Modified Spey applications – Snap-T / Turbo aka Tongariro / Snake Roll / Switch / Roll Cast line pick-up and other Anchoring & Repositioning techniques – Bow & Arrow – Bounce – Belgian – Galway – Ricochet –Pendulum – Loop Control to include Horizontal and Inverted Line turn-over – and Single / Double / Triple Hauling.


*** Note – PFF Teaches a condensed version of Advanced Casting called … "Ten Essential Fly Casts" …designed for those who want to start with the critical-basics.  This is an excellent strategy for many Fly Casters, because these easier-to-learn casts can be applied immediately to actual Fishing Presentations.  Fly Fishers can then graduate both in skill and awareness per their needs & interest levels.  

 "My first Introduction to Advanced Fly Casting … specifically the value of Curve Casts, happened purely by being in the right place in the right time.  A PFF Instructor was watching me attempt to make presentations across a fast run to numerous Trout holding in slower water and reverse eddies.  They seemed completely immune to the Straight-Line Casts and Mends of most local Fly Fishers.  I was shown how to do an easy-to-learn "wrist rotation" during the "power stroke".  It threw a large upstream curve into the line which provided just enough natural drift to get the take.  Since then, I can catch Trout in that same location … almost as a "matter of routine".

Jeremy Nolan – Professional Fly Fishing Guide & Instructor



Developed and Taught Exclusively by  proFlyFishers

 Guaranteed to be one of the most “enlightening” Clinics that any Fly Fisher could ever experience!  The development of this PFF Exclusive took years of “pushing the envelope” in State-of-the-Art Fly Fishing Technique & Technology.  When we offer this “tried and proven” Fish Fighting Expertise … the majority of Amateurs and Professionals are extremely skeptical (or worse) of our supposedly outrageous claims.  As you know, countless quality Trout are either broken off or played to exhaustion because most Fly Fishers have never had access to this elusive technicality. Tack Management teaches everything that “needs to happen before & after hook-up” … to efficiently Net the average Trophy Trout in under 60 seconds … or even most Steelhead and Salmon in a manner of minutes!

 "When I first saw Mike Paterniti put the PFF Tack Management principles to work on up-river Steelhead, fresh out of Lake Erie—it was completely amazing.  Mike even brings strong double-digit fish to the net in one to two minutes on a 4–weight Trout Rod.  PFF has created sophisticated Fish Fighting Strategies and Equipment Management Methods that make the conventional approaches seem almost primitive"!

Charles Bay – Avid Steelhead & Trout Fly Fisher



 Developed and Taught Exclusively by  proFlyFishers

 Presenting tiny flies to Trophy Trout on delicate tippets and Light-weight Rods was labeled as the “Ultimate Fly Fishing Experience” by John Randolph – Publisher of Fly Fisherman.  The late Lee Wulff was famous for his many Fly Fishing exploits and contributions, one of which was taking Atlantic Salmon on fragile 6 foot Bamboo Rods.   PFF has taken the Ultra-Lite phenomenon into an even greater dimension than most have thought was possible.  Spend a day connecting with 15 to 20 inch Trout on 0, 1, & 2 Weight Fly Rods or Steelhead on lighter Trout Rods – and you’ll be changed forever!  This Full Day Clinic is only available to Fly Fishers who have completed the Tack Management prerequisite.  Numerous Fly Fishing Myths will be Shattered!  And, you’ll discover that the perceptions of the majority are 180 degrees different from reality.  For an in-depth examination of Ultra-Lite Fly Fishing, please "click on" this Link to ( Ultra-Lite ).  If your level of dedication is to achieve an “ultimate Fly Fishing experience” … this truly is the most “extreme”!


"Since you (Dave Grooms – PFF) introduced me to Ultra-Lite Fly Rods (2002) … it has completely changed my Fly Fishing World!!!  Yesterday (Feb. 2005), I had one of my best days on the San Juan.  I released at least a dozen fish in the 20 inch range on my 1 Wt. SPL 8'-1" Sage Rod, while  my fishing partner only managed to get one 20 inch Rainbow to the net on his 5 Wt. 

It seems like I almost can't break-off a big fish or do anything wrong anymore."

(Note:  Jim's biggest Trout in the last 2 ½ years on this 1 Wt. Rod, was a 28 inch Animas Rainbow.)

Jim VanBelle – Business Professional & Extremely Committed Fly Fisher


****  Ultra-Lite Fly Fishing and Tack Management are highly focused Full Day On-the-Water Workshops—taught exclusively by proFlyFishers Master Instructors Mike Paterniti or Dave Grooms.

****  PFF also conducts Clinics on such topics as:   Holding Lies / Locating Trout & Trout Behavior, Fly Selection & basic Entomology,  and  Advanced Pocket Water Presentations.

 All Advanced Clinics are a 4 Hour minimum, with a Full Day recommended.  Rates are $260 for Half Day and $480 for Full Day.  Rates adjusted for 2 or 3 Persons, with 3 maximum per Instructor.  Wet or Dry Workshops can be conducted for Clubs and other Organizations at Group Rates.


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