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Fly Fishing Schools

Learning to Fly Cast with the 

proFlyFishers  method is almost “too easy”!


“PFF Certified Instructors are often both amazed and elated

by the performance of their students.  When beginners are able to execute

a near flawless overhead cast after an hour of instruction,  it

definitely makes us wonder why it took most of our fly fishing lifetimes

and countless hours of learning,  to acquire the same skill ?”

Fly Fishing 101 examines Bugs at the “Trout Deli”.

PFF Schools—getting results on the San Juan River


is truly a remarkable “revolution”  in Fly Fishing!!

Most fly fishers spend a lifetime, unable to make presentations with effective levels of fly line control.  Unfortunately, traditional methods of fly casting instruction leave students with frustration—or simply questioning their own abilities.  Many fly fishers  simply attribute a “bad day” to “bad luck”, not insufficient skills.  The proFlyFishers system, provides the skills and awareness that yield a lifetime of adventure and fulfillment. 


PFF Schools are the perfect inexpensive adventure for those who are ready for a new and exciting world of Leisure-time Experiences.  Learning with the proFlyFishers Method is fun and easy for aspiring fly fishers from 5 to 95.  The PFF method of Fly Casting Instruction is also very adaptive to most persons with physical limitations or disabilities.   Our schools are held in various locations around the country per your needs and schedule, or they can be designed to accommodate your itinerary at numerous vacation destinations.  Unless specified, most Fly Fishing Schools do not include "actual fishing" … however, we definitely prefer to include same as a Guided or Instructed Activity at your request.  All schools are taught by PFF Certified Instructors.  We provide highly Informative PFF Handouts for your future reference, and all Equipment.  Please contact us for Questions, Price Request, Group Rates, Youth Discounts, or Special Arrangements.

Comprehensive Fly Fishing Schools 3 to 5 Day "all-inclusive" Schools typically include Lodging, Meals, Equipment, and Local Transportation.   The syllabi encompasses one or more days of actual On-the-Water presentations to Trout or other game-fish depending on your Destination choice. These are thorough schools designed for those with serious aspirations who want to become Fly Fishers now, not later! 


(price on request)

Ladies Only SchoolFor ladies, our PFF Schools incorporate the new Ultra-Lite Fly Rods which are designed for delicate presentations and near effortless Fly Casting.  Once you catch a Trout on these incredible Fly Rod masterpieces … you will never figure out why most men are "still chasing their wild game with large clubs". 

In reality,  most things in Fly Fishing should in-fact be done with finesse.


Family Fly Fishing Full Day or 2 Half Days. Special Price - entire Family Introduction to the Basics. PFF Family Schools are designed to be almost "too much fun".  Turning over rocks, catching bugs, examining our look-a-like fly patterns, and then waving fly rods seems to really appeal to the younger crowd.   


Fly Fishing 101 8 Hr. intense examination of the critical elements of Trout and Cold Water Fly Fishing and Fly Casting. 

This 1 Day School is designed for those with time or budget constraints.


Basic Fly Casting Priced by the Hour with a 2 Hr. minimum.  The PFF Method will allow you to gain a better understanding of Fly Casting Mechanics than many Fly Fishers obtain in a lifetime. Although designed for Beginners, most experienced Fly Fishers can significantly improve their skills by reprogramming bad habits and learning the critical components of all Fly Casts by attending our "Basic" Clinics.  The vast majority of Fly Fishers could be making better Presentations, catching far more Trout, eliminating the frustrations of casting in the Wind, and correcting problems that leave Flies in the Bushes or Leaders in Knots.


Customized / Private Lessons Hourly, Half Day, Full Day(s) per Request.                            


Free Beginner or Advanced Fly Casting Clinic & Photo Journal – when you book Guided Trips with our PFF Endorsed Outfitters.  For prices & specifics, select appropriate page link.

* Schools, Clinics, & Traveling Workshops available at your destination or at our locations *

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